Kailash Shahani (Founder)

Vision →
Our vision is to become the one stop solution for all our clientele needs across all levels.

Philosophy →
We believe every human is a unique asset and can be the right fit somewhere. So what we do is identify the right place for these assets so that they realize their true potential and bring the best value for the organization.

Defined Deadlines →
We truly value your time and hence meeting deadlines is our topmost priority while strategizing for a placement. Our close hour-to-hour monitoring systems help keep us this commitment.

Sound Technology →
A sound timeline is nothing without a sound technology at the backbone of the business process. We ensure that our technical backup matches the best of industry. Our recruiters are amongst the sharpest minds in the industry, armed for every challenge.

Work Culture →
“Harmonized Workforce” and “mutual help” best define the work culture at Morpheus. We like to channel this culture on to our clients and in the way we approach business with them. Collaboration is the key factor behind our long list satisfied clients.

Effective Results →
If results are anything but 100%, they are not welcome. We strive to complete our task to the fullest of our potential, as it is the result that matters most in the end. We take pride in effectively and efficiently generating manpower and maintaining processes for our clients.

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Morpheus Human Consulting

Whether you have market ebbs and flows, seasonal peaks or a project-driven environment, Morpheus Workforce solutions will increase your business agility. We have the tools and the talent to deliver as many top performers as you need, when you need them. Download Our Corporate Profile to know more


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