Morpheus Human Consulting Pvt. Ltd Introduction

Morpheus Human Consulting Pvt. Ltd. is the fastest growing HR solutions company in India, with specialized service offerings in Recruitment Solutions, Executive Search, Training, Legal services and project based RPO hiring.
Morpheus Human Consulting was initiated in the year 2005 and was incorporated in 2007. Headquartered at Mumbai, we provide world class HR services through our company and franchise owned offices across 12 cities in India to over 400 organizations based out of India, Europe, Middle East and the African continent. The list of our satisfied customers includes leading MNCs and large Indian firms across industries.

Who initiated Morpheus?

Kailash Shahani (Founder)
With over 17 years of experience, he has expertise in various domains like Banking & Financial Services, IT, ITES and Recruitment. He brings in his experience from companies like Manpower, Times Group, Standard Chartered Bank, Global Intelenet and EFunds. He loves challenges, number driven and client servicing or account management is his expertise.

Archana Shahani (Director)
She has worked with Banks, Recruitment Companies and construction. She brings in experience of nearly 15 years from companies like Job Track, Career line Consultants, Krishna Developers and HDFC Bank. She has experience of the domestic as well as International market which is very critical as catering to offshore needs for Indian companies going global is one of the key revenue pointers.

What’s Our Vision ?

“We build your assets through human capital”. The vision clearly stresses that people are assets and not mere numbers. There is always a tendency to protect assets and value them. We at Morpheus clearly believe that word Human Capital adds dignity to our Business- not as Brokers, not as Manpower Suppliers, not as CV Suppliers but as Consultants dealing in a precious commodity - Human Capital.

What is franchising ?

Franchising is the legal right to carry out a business in accordance with a particular operational method and under a specific brand. This includes the right to use trademarks, logos, a business system, operating procedures, IT and marketing techniques.

What is Basis Of your Franchisee Model ?

A. We at Morpheus Consulting believe that the Recruitment Business is a Zero Entry Barrier Business. It is very easy to start a Company, however very difficult to make it run profitably. Our Franchisee Model is a “Plug & Play” way to start your own business. If One Had to Divide the Business into 3 Parts, it would be Admin, Operation & Business Development. These responsibilities are shared between Morpheus Consulting & Our Franchisee.

➣ Admin: All Admin Work such as Contracts, Tax Related Documentation, Invoice and Payment Follow- up which are not really Profit Making Investments of your time will be handled by the Head Office.
➣ Business Development: For any business to start this is one of the Critical Factors. We understand this & therefore the Head Office is responsible of getting you enough work to execute this business. We jointly share the responsibility.
➣ Operations: In our business, this is the heart of the business. Revenues come from this source. Therefore we would require you to only concentrate on this aspect of the business. This is completely your responsibility.

Why are we franchising ?

➣ To maximize shareholders' returns and value.
➣ To excel in every facet of its operation.
➣ To provide attractive and well rewarded career and business opportunities for all employees and Franchisees.
➣ To dynamically grow through pro-active acquisitions, mergers and joint ventures.

Why Should I Sign Up ?

➣ Experience of more than 10 years in recruitment services and other HR services.
➣ Tie up with reputed companies from India and abroad.
➣ Commercially and technically viable and proven project.
➣ Low investment with minimum risk
➣ Reasonable ROI return on investment.

What are Franchising Benefits and Support ?

Brand Name
You are granted with a license to trade as a Morpheus Consulting. You will benefit from being part of our group, including ground representation.
Infrastructure Guidance
Infrastructural equipment, Office layout plan, etc. Training
Start-up training, full technical / Operational support and online chat support. HR
➣ Recruiting the team (Recruiters, Managers)
➣ Making Manpower policies
➣ Operational processes Talent Now portal, Reporting formats, requirement management, incentives etc. (Recruitment Division)
➣ Share clients across the country and the world with regards to your territory.
➣ Share the database of candidates.
➣ Developing courseware for training programmes.(Training Division)
➣ Trainers for training delivery (Training Division)
➣ Sourcing methods, target companies, etc. Continuous guidance on sourcing against typical
➣ Continuous interaction and guidance on all aspects of running the business including business development, delivery, finance, manpower issues etc.
Back office operations
➣ Support Team doing client and candidate coordination and follow up.
➣ Centralized Invoicing & Collections - You have all of your processing done through system by our head office, enabling you to focus on generating more business.
Business Development
➣ Share promotional and Branding Material and Ongoing Business Development guidance and support

What are Pre – Requisites ?

➣ Good reputation and contacts in the area.
➣ Willingness to undertake aggressive local promotions.
➣ Familiarization with HR/recruitment/training process shall be considered as an added advantage.
Basic Infrastructure Requirement
➣ 100-200 sq feet of commercial space anywhere
➣ Initially you could even start off from semi-commercial place or empty residential place.
➣ Couple of PCs, internet connection, telephone connection.

Will you guide me on the person who I should recruit?
Yes, we will.
Franchise Fees
Home Base
Cost: Rs. 50,000 + Service Tax for the period of 2 years
Commercial Base
Cost: Rs. 1,00,000 + Service Tax for the period of 5 years

What are Pre – Requisites ?

Will MHC finance the costs of the franchise? Can we obtain the funds to purchase a
franchise from a relative, friend or associate?

MHC does not provide financing. Yes, you may use any sources to obtain funds, however this may involve you in a type of partnership. Each group together must meet the financial qualifications and be willing to devote time and their best efforts to the operation of the Office.

Can you deduct my Franchisee Fee from my earnings?
No. The Franchisee Fee needs to be paid upfront.

How much will I Earn?
That is something that you need to answer to yourself. This is not a Salaried Job so there are no promises.

Will you give more than One Franchisee in my City?
Yes & No. If we see you performing then there is No Point having more than one. But if we do not see effort being made, then we will be forced to look out for another partner. However enough time will be given to you to show your potential.

If the requirements provided by you are not completed in the month you give us, will they get a Carry Forward?
Yes. They will be carried forward. However, you will also continue to get more work from us.

Will I get enough work?
Keeping you idle is a loss to us. We will ensure you have enough work.
Is a franchisee entitled to any reimbursable expenses relating to the operation?
No, all the expenses will have to be borne by the franchisee themselves.

I have an existing Training Centre; can I get a MHC franchise?
MHC franchise could be granted to you as per the normal qualification process.

I have an existing Recruitment office; can I get a MHC franchise?
MHC franchise could be granted to you as per the normal qualification process; however, on receiving the same, you will require to continue with only the MHC format & franchise. If you have an existing set of clients, they will have to be empanelled with Morpheus, once the existing contract expires.

How much time does it take to get started as a franchisee?
To predict the actual time taken would be difficult, however approximately it would take around 2 to 3 weeks, once the payment and agreement is signed.
Client List of Morpheus Please refer to our corporate website for details.

Is Business Development a part of the Franchise duties?
Recruitment Division - Morpheus shall provide requirements to work on during the entire tenure of this relationship but we expect franchise to appoint someone to source local business which would balance out the business composition. Local Clients would add up to the revenue of the Branch apart from the Clients that you would get from the HO of Morpheus.
Training Division – Yes, the Franchise would be required to generate leads for Corporate and Institutional Trainings.

Do I have to bring business only from my territory?
No you can bring business from anywhere in India / Middle East.

Where are these companies located?
These requirements could be from anywhere in India and Gulf countries. We are open for business from other locations too.

Will there be any requirements from my city?
Yes. We will definitely make an effort. After all the purpose of Franchising is to spread across. However, we need to keep in mind that the work coming should be profitable.

Which Industries do you carter to?
All industries expect for BPO/Insurance. If a Franchisee wants to work on any of these, they are free to sign up themselves.

What if I am unable to complete a requirement?
We will help you. Our job is to be your support from time to time.
Do we need to open a Separate Bank Account for Franchising Business?
This is on the individual’s discretion.

Do we need a Trade License to take up a Franchise (Shop & Establishment Act)?
That depends on the State to State Government Requirement. As per the State Government Requirement if it is mandatory then a Trade License becomes mandatory.

What is the Billing Cycle? When does Franchise get paid?
The Billing Cycle is 15th of every month. All the payments realised by 12th of each calendar month will be released by the franchisor to the franchisee on the 15th of the same month. You will receive the payment for a closure only after Morpheus receives the payment from the client and the completion of his/her replacement period.

Do you deduct TDS from my Share?
Yes, we deduct 10% TDS from your share and provide you a TDS Certificate at the end of the year.

How is my money given to me? Cheque could be couriered to you on your mailing address.
Will there be any kind of Training or Assistance provided to get started?
We start with an online training of Morpheus Operations. Also the SUPPORT Team is available online for assistance.

Will I have to pay for this training?
No. This is included in your Franchisee Fee.

Which Portal will be provided to me?
A premium portal will be provided to you.

What kind of promotional activities does Morpheus initiate to promote the brand name?
We do Print Ads, Radio Campaigning, Internet Marketing on networking sites to enhance the brand name. We have participated in various HR conferences as sponsors to create brand awareness.

What kind of promotional activities would Franchise have to initiate to promote the business?
Local advertising is optional. Advertising at a local level would be funded by you where as the content and the design would be provided by us for your use as we deem appropriate.

How is the revenue generated?
Recruitment Division - Revenue is generated when we close a position. The client pays us recruitment fees as per the terms decided in the agreement with the client. We have terms of 8.33% / 10 % / 12.5 % of the annual CTC of the candidate with most of our clients. We do not charge anything from the candidate.
Training Division – The client pays us fees as per the terms decided in the agreement with the client before starting the training.

What is the revenue sharing?
50% of revenue for Franchise and 50% revenue to Morpheus (Taxes Applicable)
Home Base
30% of revenue for Franchise and 70% revenue to Morpheus (Taxes Applicable)

How soon can we break even?
The breakeven could be as early as 4th month.

Does Franchisee have direct Client Contact?
Recruitment Division - No, we have a SUPPORT Team here that does client co-ordination as single point of contact for clients and save your time and effort in client follow up. Training Division – Yes, Franchise will be in constant contact with the client to facilitate the trainings.

Are there any Targets for Franchise?

What is Talent Now?
Talent now is third party recruitment software that is used by Morpheus. The features are as follows,
➣ View Morpheus Database
➣ Track Status of Candidate
➣ Add candidate and create your own Database
➣ More productivity due to Automated Operations
➣ Transparency in operation
➣ Generation of Performance Report

How do I know my candidate is selected?
The Support Team informs you of the closure through our Job Portal and a notification email for the same is sent to your Mail ID

How to Join/Empanel with Morpheus?
Franchise Agreement will be couriered to you and it has to be duly signed by you and returned to the below mentioned address along with documents as listed below,
(a) Id Proof
(b) Address Proof
(c) 2 Passport size photos
Agreement signed and courier back to Morpheus Consulting along with the Cheque or DD of Rs. 50,000/- + Service Tax (If Home Base) OR Rs. 1,00,000/- + Service Tax (If Commercial Base) as Franchise Fee (Non-refundable) in favour of "Morpheus Human Consulting Pvt. Ltd"

Morpheus Human Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
108, Sagar Palazio Complex,
Sakinaka Junction,
Above Café Coffee Day,
Andheri Kurla Road, Andheri (E),
Mumbai 400072, India
Tel: 022-40649800

Upon receipt of all the documents, we shall courier you back your copy and a certificate to commence business under our brand.
If you have any query kindly mail us at or fill the inquiry form and we will try our best to revert you at the earliest.

Morpheus Human Consulting

Whether you have market ebbs and flows, seasonal peaks or a project-driven environment, Morpheus Workforce solutions will increase your business agility. We have the tools and the talent to deliver as many top performers as you need, when you need them. Download Our Corporate Profile to know more


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